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Sunday, March 18, 2007

NPR Audience Hits New Peak

NPR said its weekly audience size has reached a new level.

It cites fall Arbitron numbers that found an audience of 26.5 million per week, and says the number has grown by about 1 million a year since 2000.

"This new figure represents a 4% increase vs. spring 2006, the last ratings period, and a 2% increase vs. fall 2005,” NPR stated.

“Additionally, listenership has increased for public radio stations overall around the country.” In the fall, 30.9 million weekly listeners tuned into member stations, a 2% increase over a year ago earlier.

“The stations’ performance is particularly notable in light of general declines in audience for commercial radio, television news and newspapers,” the network stated. “In particular, over the past three years, commercial news/talk radio has dropped 7% while listening to public radio news-talk stations has risen 3%.”

“Morning Edition” has 13.2 million listeners weekly, up 1% from a year earlier.

From Radio World Online.


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