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Monday, December 18, 2006

Status Report: LAPD's future approach to issuing press credentials

The LAPD now confirms it will wait a year to revise its guidelines
on the issuance of press passes. This is a huge victory for RTNA
and the broadcast news community, as it will give us a chance to
negotiate an agreement with them on a policy that will be fair to
all of our members.

In the new year I will again be pressing our colleagues in SPJ,
the LA Press Club, PPGLA, and others to get on board with their
own assessment of who should get a credential. We hope to develop
a single definition that will be acceptable to all the groups.
Meanwhile, we are also studying the possibility of changing the
city's municipal ordinance which narrowly defines applicants
as those who regularly cross police and fire lines.

Thanks to our Legal Counsel, Royal Oakes, who has spent countless
hours taking meetings and writing e-mails on this issue.
Steve Kindred
President, RTNA


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