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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sportscasters at KFWB Laid Off


KFWB Sports Guys Benched.

Three veteran sports guys at KFWB were let go yesterday. Geoff Witcher has been in L.A. sports radio since 1969 and has been involved with every major L.A. sports team. Joe Cala has been at KFWB for decades. Bob Harvey spent 20 years in the Inland Empire, mostly at KCKC. He joined KFWB in 1984.

The guys are actually on the Metro Traffic payroll and this move apparently comes on the heels of a massive company-wide lay-off at Metro. When Metro was pitching to get the KFWB traffic business a decade+ ago, they agreed to take on their payroll the sports guys. The condition being that they would be paid no less than what they would have made with KFWB.This move prompts a number of question as to who will do the sports. They still have Bret Lewis in morning drive, Ted Sobel in middays and Bill Seward in afternoons, but that leaves evenings and weekends to be covered.

Metro is under contract to provide those services, according to Andy Ludlum, news director at KFWB. "A guy named Dave Joseph did the sports last night," emailed Andy. "I have not received samples of the people who are offered for the weekend. As is common in Metro/Station relationships, I approve the talent [can't be unreasonably withheld]. Bob Harvey will continue to do 'Covering the Bases' and weekend Dodger Talk as that was freelance work with KFWB."


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